The world’s second-largest economy has the power to sway markets and foil political and military ambitions around the globe. China can help expand prosperity and human rights to millions of people, or it can marginalize laborers and silence freedom of expression. Our coverage of China focuses on how the country wields its power and what that means for all of us.

Climate change

The warming climate will have profound and unforeseen effects that touch each person on the planet. Our coverage of climate change focuses on the ways countries and companies react to scarcer resources, rising seas, changing energy economics and social upheaval.

European Union

The future of the European Union is uncertain, threatened on all sides by separatist movements, nationalism, a migrant crisis and financial instability. Our E.U. coverage provides a continental perspective on this strain and what it means for readers in the U.K., Ireland and around the world.

Gig economy

Startup technology companies continue to disrupt existing industries with tremendous consequences, both good and bad. Our coverage focuses on the ways disruptive startups are using nouveau Silicon Valley wealth, particularly from libertarian-minded investors, to avoid taxes and abuse the workforce of existing industries.

Latin America

From the Venezuelan economy to Cuban normalization to Colombian peace talks, Latin America is changing rapidly, and the future of its political landscape is unclear. Meanwhile, thousands of Central Americans, ravaged by crime and poverty, flee north every day; and the north is pushing back. Our Latin America coverage looks at how left-right politics, and the drug trade, are reshaping the Americas.

Middle East and North Africa

The refugee crisis is a direct result of a political crisis that’s shaking the status quo in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Our MENA coverage continues il manifesto’s tradition of high-impact analysis, including on-the-ground reportage that explodes popular myths, exposes foreign meddling and emphasizes how local people are working toward positive solutions.


Broadly speaking, the worldwide refugee crisis is the most important development of this decade, and the way we respond to it will set the tone for global cooperation for years to come. Our coverage of refugees explains and humanizes the crisis while shedding light on abuses reasons for optimism.

U.S. Politics

The 2016 U.S. presidential elections have set off far-reaching consequences around the world. Left- and right-wing populism have never been so politically mobilized, and the rise of the far right in all branches of the U.S. government threatens to stoke more nationalist aggression, infringements of civil liberties and undermine workers' rights.