Brief. The il manifesto co-founder Rossana Rossanda was hospitalized on Saturday. Her condition is stable and not critical.

Wishing a speedy recovery to Rossana Rossanda

Rossana Rossanda was admitted to the Santo Spirito Hospital in Rome on Saturday morning, April 25, for a heart episode. According to the doctors who are treating her—her personal physician, the loyal doctor who always “runs to the rescue” of patients from il manifesto and the heads of the hospital ward—she is doing better, her condition is stable and her health situation is not critical.

She is being kept under close watch, and the hospital has an excellent reputation for treating heart disease.

Two days before, we had wished her a happy birthday as “the girl of the last century.” On Saturday, we wanted to wish her a happy April 25. But this year, Liberation Day gave her—and us—an unpleasant surprise. Now it is with even more ardor that we wish her a speedy recovery.

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