#iorompo. A game, our biggest subscription drive ever launched, and a crowdfunding campaign for independent journalism.

Will you help us break the wall? Join our biggest subscription campaign ever

Three formats, one goal: to give everyone a chance to read free, critical and high-quality information.

il manifesto is responding to the printed media crisis and the cuts to the government pluralism fund with a campaign that will last until the end of the year.

To raise awareness among readers and supporters, the newspaper led by Norma Rangeri and Tommaso Di Francesco that was published May 14 ran a front page and homepage covered in bricks in preparation for the launch of the campaign on the website (“I break” in Italian).

The barriers separating us from access to quality information are becoming higher and higher. With this campaign, il manifesto wants to tear down these walls: not only the wall of disinformation and fake news, but also the paywall on its own website.

The daily newspaper has set an ambitious goal: €1.2 million in new digital subscriptions, ranging from €3 to €3,333, which can be purchased as part of a game that aims to tear down a virtual wall made of 400,000 bricks.

Those who take part will not only become subscribers to the digital version of il manifesto, but will become patrons of information that will be accessible to all, even to those who cannot afford it or who think differently than we do.

If we are able, by the end of the year, to tear down the 400,000 bricks that separate us from achieving sustainability for our newspaper, the digital version of il manifesto will be free and open to all throughout 2020.

Through this game, we would like to highlight the effort of all our staff, involving our historic community of supporters and new readers in an experience that will feature them as active, first-person participants.

The campaign website will also be a public space for everyone to share their concerns and hopes.


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