The transition. In publicizing the alleged sex scandal of Trump’s ex-top flak, the friendly New York Post even seized the story.

Why is Jason Miller no longer Trump’s spokesman?

Jason Miller, the chief spokesman for Donald Trump, announced that he will not become the director of White House communications, a job he had publicly accepted only two days prior, ostensibly to look after the family. But there are rumors of an extramarital sex scandal.

The official line is that Miller needs to discharge his moral obligation to fulfill his familial duties. His wife is pregnant and in January will give birth to their second child. So he’s out, and Sean Spicer will replace him. The unofficial version, reported by Politico after a tip-off by anonymous sources, is that Miller had an affair with another transition staffer, and it was detailed in an email exchange. A.J. Delgado, a junior member of Trump’s team, unleashed a series of mocking, cryptic tweets, then deleted her account.

“When people need to resign graciously and refuse to, it’s a bit … spooky,” she wrote, according to Politico. Delgado called Miller “the 2016 version of John Edwards,” alluding to former Democratic presidential candidate, who secretly fathered a child with a woman whom he had had an affair lasting years.

Miller and Delgado had already been seen together as they were leaving a strip club in Las Vegas, where both attended the final presidential debate in October. The news of the probable affair was immediately published by the New York Daily News, and then taken up by the New York Post, despite their opposing political views. The Post endorsed Trump for president.

The alleged scandal shows that the relationship between the new president and the press will continue to be fraught, and no whiff of scandal will go unmentioned. And even the Post is willing to get down in the mud.

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