Live blog. Watch the events of America's decisive U.S. election day unfold, from the manifesto perspective.

U.S. Election Day live blog: News, analysis and results

Every four years since 1789, Americans have performed their democratic ritual: Go to the polls, and pick the president of the United States. Only in the last 100 years or so has the office of the U.S. presidency been regarded as the most powerful in the world, to the extent that other nations follow the quadrennial events of the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November with bated breath.

Today’s vote seems unlike others in living memory. For the first time, a man seen generally as a demagogue is running against a woman who represents ideas distasteful to the left. Millions of Americans will vote today while holding their noses.

We’ll be watching and updating you as the results roll in. Check back every couple of hours for reports in English and Italian.

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