United States. Yesterday's protests won't be one-off. They are the clear signal that Trump's presidency won't be an easy one. Half of the Country will always remind him that it doesn't feel represented by him

The uprising against Trump will last 4 years

After less than 24 hours from the election of Trump as President, people from more than 20 cities upraised to testify their contrariety and concerns. Thousands of people in Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Oakland, Austin, Portland, Albuquerque and Los Angeles got together online and in a matter of hours came up to meet.

New York uprising has been massive as expected. Two events happened under the Trump Towers: a rally in Columbus Circle, the southwest corner of Central Park, and a cortege started from Union square, downtown Manhattan. More than 10,000 people occupied 20 blocks: it’s a massive scale for New York.

The congregation composition has been varied: there was Occupy Wall Street, Sanderistas, Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ movement, and many other groups that felt offended from Trump and his violent campaign. There were representatives from the Mexican community, Muslims and Women, all of them saying: “You aren’t my President”.

After months of offending and drastic comments,Trump took the stage and quietly announced that he will be everyone’s President, and from now on the Country must be united. It’s like saying, “Everything’s fine, let’s turn page”.

This isn’t acceptable to the thousands of people that yesterday flooded the streets, though, and if he now wants to be everyone’s President, it could be easy that not everyone wants him as their President. There’s also a warning to take away from the uprising: there’s a segment of Americans who are now watching him, that is ready to uprise every time there will be a reason, and will never let him pursue his mad plan in silence. The plan is to mobilize now for the mid-term elections that will happen in two years, to give back Congress and Senate to Democrats, and strengthen up for the next Presidential elections on November 3rd, 2020.

Michael Moore went live during the uprising and the day after he published on his website and social media the action to immediately take before Trump could make too much damage. It is now the time for American citizens to let everyone hear their dissent; delegation to their representatives isn’t easy, as protesters know, because most of the power is in Republicans’ hands and there’s a supreme court judge to elect.

“During the Bush era, I have been an activist and a radio journalist” Rob Vincent, hacker, journalist and activist, says. “Now I feel like muscles I haven’t been using for 8 years are starting to flex again”.

Today’s America not only has had two Obama presidencies, but also had an experience of systematic opposition to Bush presidency; then it was Occupy Wall Street, the new Afro-Admerican movement for civil rights and the Bernie Sanders phenomenon.

Yesterday’s protests won’t be one-off. They are the clear signal that Trump’s presidency won’t be an easy one. Half of the Country will always remind him that it doesn’t feel represented by him

Trump’s offenses still resonate in the ears of many. Someone fears that the uprise could collide with Trump supporters, having him invited many times to avoid stupid correctness and get to action against their opposers.

This isn’t happening, at the moment. Streets won’t stay empty for long. “I have to go for a second, how long the protest will last?” a young man asked to an activist under the Trump Tower, the other night. “Four years” he replied.

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