Report. From students to the elderly, Spaniards took to the streets this weekend to demand a pension increase proportionate to the rise of inflation.

Spanish pensioners demand cost-of-living increases

Italian pensioners are not alone in their woes. On Saturday, Spain’s over-65 population took to the streets to demand a pension raise to keep up with inflation. They protested against the planned 0.25 percent raise for 2017, which many claim just isn’t enough.

This is the last in a series of protests in Spain: the first one took place on Feb. 14, followed by another big demonstration across 40 cities on Feb. 22.

One of the demonstrators argued the cost of living has risen. “This pension is not enough,” he said. “I used to pay €150 for electricity bills, and I pay €200 now. It’s not enough to get to the end of the month.”

Pensioners demonstrated in over 100 cities across the country. The most popular slogan was ‘Protect pensions in the constitution!’ In Madrid, many defied the rain to rally against the Rajoy government.

Many workers and students also demonstrated in solidarity with the elderly. In Spain, families are often informal social protection networks against unemployment and insecurity, as they are in Italy. And often, the elderly’s pension contributes to supporting entire families, from their sons and daughters to the nephews and nieces.

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