Reactions. Marine Le Pen on the billionaire footsteps. Sarkozy is on her tail against Juppé for the upcoming primaries. The Socialist Party tries to relaunch on useful vote, but "protectionism" marks steps forward. Mélenchon blames Clinton's "left of millionaires"

Sarkozy to Le Pen: I’m the French Trump

Surprise. In the last 48 hours in France many discovered to be extemporary Trump sons. After being regarded as an Americal chump just a few days ago, The Donald is now a model. In less than 5 months presidential elections will be held and politics still live in confusion. The primaries for the right will be held on the 20th and 29th of November, and it is expected to have the name of the winner of the presidential elections of April-May. The Le Pen menace is strong.

The Front National leader, who was the only one to clearly support Trump (with reserves though), now declares “Political and media leaderships have been beaten” it is exactly what she hopes it will happen, on her favor, during the presidential elections, because “what people want, he can do”.


Marine Le Pen considers Trump’s victory an important signal for herself, because it means having a precedent that was previously missing: a victory of far-right ideas in a large western country would be a much better model than Vladimir Putin. The French support her: two-thirds of the French think she will be better at interpreting Trump, a survey from yesterday reports.

Nicolas Sarkozy is struggling with the November primaries surveys, and after having supported Clinton, he immediately jumped on Trump’s victory: he represents the “refusal for the single thought” the ex-President commented (trying to bring electors of the Front National in his favour), pretending to be the representative of “the silent majority”.

Sarkozy has an easy play saying that “in democracy, a President is elected and it is not chosen by media and surveys”. Sarkozy clearly refers to Alain Juppé, the leader for the run on primaries. The former Prime Minister defends himself and insists on the way of reason (he’s looking for votes from the center constituents): “I don’t the future to be the Front National and of those who share their views”. Juppé talked to the French to “underline all the risks for democracy by demagogs and extremists”. His spokesman insists on the need of “speaking to people’s intelligence”, against “the wave of worldwide populism”.

François Hollande, undecided about engaging again (given his underwhelming ratings), tries to represent the way of “reason” and, has President, published a cold note about Trump’s election, where he remembered to “respect the founding principles: democracy, freedom, and respect for human beings”. The Socialist Party is in the middle of a crisis and without a representative, and secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis has used Trump as an excuse to relaunch the idea of useful vote for left parties: “if [the left] keeps with its irresponsible childisms”, that is with its divisions, the left will be swept away during the presidential elections and “it will be Le Pen”.

Some of Trump’s ideas seduce the Socialist Party, though: Manuel Valls (who is preparing for an eventual Hollande dismission) speaks about the “need for frontiers, to regulate immigration”, adding “it is better to redistribute richness and defend the middle class that feels downgraded”. Benoît Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg, former ministers for the Socialist Party who will run for the SP primaries in January, take up Trump to complete the u-turn towards anti-globalisation and anti-free trade. Montebourg suggests “an update in European left” to favor protectionism, Hammon warns “when we don’t protect the people, they retaliate”. Even the liberal Emmanuel Macron picks up Trump: “it is impossible to keep staying in the bad situation our Country has been in for thirty years”.

On the left hand of the left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is the candidate that never has been voted in primaries for France Insoumise, is sure that “Sanders would have won”, and he takes on Hillary “the left of millionaires, wars, triumphing markets and of global free-trade”. Mélenchon invites to “reject the French Clintons, to avoid the shame of being the harbingers of local Trumps”. The PCF executives refused to support Mélenchon’s candidacy, but the supporters will decide on it.

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