Analysis. Palazzo Chigi is elevating its rhetoric around terrorism fears. Salvini takes the opportunity for a ‘say no to violence and Islamic terrorism’ rally.

Salvini stokes fears with plans for an anti-terrorism rally

According to the experts, the risk is the same: neither greater nor smaller than usual. Nevertheless, the terror alert level in Italy is being raised, at least in rhetoric.

The Prime Minister’s office spoke of “the need for a further strengthening of prevention and control measures.”

“We need to get back to protecting the borders,” added Matteo Salvini.

Guido Crosetto summed it up: “Being cautious doesn’t mean being afraid, being cautious is much better than underestimating a problem and then having to mourn someone.”

As a result, the government is looking at a number of proposals to be presented at the next EU Council; and on Wednesday, at the Palazzo Chigi, Prime Minister Meloni met with Tajani, Piantedosi, Nordio, Mantovano and the top intelligence officials to analyze the situation in the Middle East and assess the possible repercussions in terms of the risk of terrorism, also in light of what has happened in France and Belgium.

The fear mainly concerns the so-called “lone wolves,” those who might decide to strike out of the blue in one way or another. There’s nothing new about this risk, but the events of the past few weeks might have stirred up some impulses – or at least that’s what they think among the government. This will have a spillover effect on the leadership of the local police, who will most likely turn a particular focus on those they’ve already had in their sights.

On Wednesday, by order of the prefecture of Cosenza, a 28-year-old Gambian man who landed in Italy in 2016 and was convicted by a first instance court of membership in a terrorist organization was deported. A total of 54 people have been deported from Italy in the past year, adding up to 712 since 2015.

Meanwhile, Salvini is missing no opportunity to fan the flames of fear, and is organizing a demonstration on Saturday, November 4, in Milan to “say no to violence and Islamic terrorism.” Playing on people’s fears never goes out of style.

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