Commentary. Our relationship with our executioners is no longer the same as it was before. Men are feeling emasculated.

Rising femicide, because of a male identity crisis

Did anyone really believe a revolution like ours, the most shocking and lengthy in all of history, could continue without bloodshed? Women are victims of the terrible backlash unleashed by men who feel they’ve lost authority, even though they still have the power.

And inevitably those in the forefront of the battle are the ones affected, those who have had the courage to keep their eyes on the goal, hoping that individual freedom would keep them safe before the overall victory.

I say this because I hear many indisputable complaints about the escalation of femicide accompanied, and tainted, by justifications that seem to blame murder on “tradition”: Now, just as before, women are killed.

True, they continue to kill us, but the relationship with our executioners is no longer the same: They’re suffering an identity crisis. They lost their scepter and are confused about their role and masculinity — and therefore weak and frightened. It is them, not us.

It is not a good reason to stay quiet. But it is important to be aware that we are advancing in a very harsh war. As happens in any true subversion. We are aware that, in order to win it, it is not enough to have gained some equality in the professional as well as in the sexual field (as unfortunately a lot of girls think). This is the “emancipation,” a concept that for many decades, the new feminism relegated to the Middle Ages.

Society as whole should change to impress, both symbolically and factually, the sign of our needs and of our lifetimes, so it can be reorganized taking into account that there are no neutral beings, but male and female, human beings belonging to different genres, whose identities must be reflected by the system.

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