Invitation. Italy needs a new political solution, and the three major parties have not created one. Therefore, it’s up to the people to form a unity party of the left.

Popular alliance for democracy and equality

We are facing an urgent decision. It’s not to decide which combination of acronyms will support the next photocopy government, but how to ensure that in the next parliament, the weakest groups in this country are represented: the many, young and old, who since the crisis have slipped below the poverty line, insecure and lacking future prospects. Those who have not voted for years because they believe politics cannot provide answers to their daily lives. Those who are not safeguarded because they are out of work, or have only precarious work. Those who cannot make ends meet because of insufficient salaries or pitiful pensions.

The great question of our time is inequality. The collective unhappiness generated by the fact that few profit from common resources and goods, making everyone else miserable.

The shocking reality of this world is an economy that kills. These radical words — these words of truth — were not uttered by a political leftist leader, but by Pope Francis. The question is: “Is it feasible to transpose this truth with a bold and innovative political agenda?” We believe there is no choice. And we think that the first step of a real fight against inequality is to bring out to vote all those who want to overthrow this condition and regain their rights and dignity.

To do this, it is necessary to open a new political space, where the vote of the people has an impact again.

Especially now that yet another electoral law is going to be approved and will bring back into Parliament a plethora of “appointed individuals.” Especially in a political context in which the current three main forces, the Right and the Democratic Party — unfortunately indistinguishable in neoliberal policies and inspiration — and the 5 Star Movement, either demolish or, at least, do not show any interest in equality and social justice.

Therefore we need a United Left in a shared project and on one list. A large selection of the citizenship and left, open to all: parties, movements, associations, committees, civil society. A project able to give an answer to the people who, on Dec. 4, went en masse to vote “No” to the constitutional referendum, because they acknowledge the Constitution and want to start from there to implement it and not just limit themselves to defending it.

For too many years, we were told that the game is won at the center, which was essential to a majority vocation and that the point was to go to the government. For years, we contemplated the results: a political class that declared itself leftist, but then, once it reached the government, implemented rightist policies. We bear the consequences, and we do not want them back in power to complete the work.

So, a disruption is needed and, with it, a new beginning: a political project that aspires to give representation to Italians and provide innovative solutions to the current crisis, an unified path open to all and not controlled by anyone, that does not betray the spirit of Dec. 4 but is, indeed, its continuation.

A project that starts from its program, not from its leadership, and might focus on the right to work, the right to a fair remuneration or a dignified income, the right to health, housing and education.

A project that will build the future knowledge economy and a sustainable economy, not on profit and not based on hegemony of the markets, but on the rights and lives of people.

A project that gives priority to the environment, cultural heritage, schools, universities and research — not to finance. One that addresses the budget problems, countering tax evasion and avoidance, and promoting equality and progressive taxation, instead of austerity and recessive policies.

Such a project, and a joint list, is not built top-down but bottom-up. With an open participation process, to be started from the civic lists already present throughout Italy, open to the citizens, to decide together programs and candidates, through democratic processes.

We believe, moreover, that the heart of this program is already written in the fundamental principles of the Constitution, and especially in the most important one: “All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions. It is the duty of the Republic to remove those obstacles of an economic or social nature which constrain the freedom and equality of citizens, thereby impeding the full development of the human person and the effective participation of all workers in the political, economic and social organization of the country.” (Article 3)

On this political, civic and leftist platform, we want to build a new representation. With this program, we wish to call upon all Italians to vote.

We want to make it clear right now: We’re not launching ourselves as candidates. Indeed, we are not applying for anything, because candidates must be chosen by voters. But in a time when the unchangeable schemes of Italian politics seem about to repeat themselves, the ones that invariably failed to generate justice and equality, we feel — personally, and without involving any of the groups or committees to which we belong — the responsibility to make this proposal. It’s the only adequate option at this crucial time.

Because a leftist movement of the people can only be reborn from the people.

We invite all those who identify with these values to gather in Rome on June 18 and start this process together.

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