Report. Zaki told reporters his trial was again delayed by another month after yet another hearing lasting a few seconds. But sources suggest the possibility of a political resolution.

Patrick Zaki’s trial postponed again, but the possibility of grace appears

The trial of Patrick Zaki has been postponed again, and it will be discussed again on November 29.

Delivering the news was Zaki himself, the Egyptian student from the University of Bologna, present in the courtroom in Mansura, his hometown on the Nile Delta. “In the next hearing, on November 29, we will be given the opportunity to present our defense,” Zaki told Ansa.

Once again the hearing, the seventh, lasted just a few seconds. Diplomatic representatives from various European countries were present, starting with Italy. Zaki is accused of spreading false news: prosecutors say he wrote some articles on the situation of social and economic marginalization of the Egyptian Copts. An accusation for which he risks five years and which was “made official” only in September 2021.

All that time, Patrick was in prison, detained since February 2020 during a visit to his parents. Almost two years of pre-trial detention ended in December last year with his release pending trial (and therefore without the possibility to leave Egypt).

From Tuesday, however, a novelty has emerged, albeit unofficial. According to Egyptian judicial sources, Patrick’s case could be resolved with a “political decision that completely freezes the trial.” That is the pardon from President al-Sisi. A possibility that is not now confirmed but which is fueled by the series of releases of political prisoners that has characterized the last few months in Egypt.

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