Commentary. Allied with the worst religious fanatics, Netanyahu would wipe out the Palestinian people and nation to bring Greater Israel to completion. It’s a strange interpretation of anti-fascism.

Jewish communities with a memory like Netanyahu’s

The charade of the Jewish communities (in Rome, but not only there) refusing to take part in the celebrations of April 25, the day when the liberation from fascism is celebrated, is sadly becoming a regular habit. The same indignant gesture for the same foolish reason.

“In the celebrations, they wave the flags belonging to those who were allies of the Nazi executioners,” according to one such nonsense motivation. But which flags? The ones of the resurgent neo-Nazi political parties in Eastern Europe, from the likes of Poland, Hungary and Ukraine?

No, those flags belong to the Palestinians who, according to the ridiculous propaganda put out by Benjamin Netanyahu, were responsible for persuading the gentle Führer Adolf Hitler to murder six million Jews against his original will.

With them, 500,000 Romani people and Sintis, three million Slavs, tens of thousands of disabled people (inferior to the so-called pure breed), antifascists, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and social outcasts, not to mention the millions of Soviets, who were brutally killed too. But this doesn’t seem to be of interest to the leaders of the Jewish communities, who would gladly accept the presence of any other oppressed population that wants to claim its rights on April 25. Everyone but the Palestinians, in a servile attempt to support Netanyahu’s heinous, racist and segregationist project.

Allied with the worst religious fanatics, Netanyahu would wipe out the Palestinian people and nation to bring Greater Israel to completion, as suggested by the hackneyed myth of the “promised land,” then dividing such territory into many little lands to be granted.

I wrote about this in il manifesto during last year’s demonstration. Yet, I’d like to give a different perspective this year. The organizers of the demonstration simply shouldn’t care about the decision of the Jewish communities, whether it’s in Rome or elsewhere. They should just declare their openness to the Jewish world without being conditioned by it on who’s allowed to take part in the event. On April 25, all anti-fascists should be free to celebrate, regardless of their political views.

All Jewish communities are welcomed as well, of course, as long as they don’t act in the name of the ultra-reactionary and segregationist government which currently heads the state of Israel. In that case, no, they have no reason to mix with anti-fascists.

An anti-fascist government would never oppress a population, deprive it of its resources, steal the future of its sons or colonize all the lands granted by international law like Netanyahu’s government regularly does, supported by U.S. president Donald Trump, who’s preparing to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

And if anyone thinks that these thoughts belong to the usual extremist, old-communist and anti-Semitic Jew, just read what the World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder, a Republican American Jew, told The New York Times. His words were published in an article whose headline was “Israel’s self-inflicted wounds,” and in which after a loving premise toward Israel Lauder strongly condemns Netanyahu’s policy, defining it as a suicidal behavior which is unpopular with the vast majority of the Jews of the diaspora.

So much for those idiots who mistake political and ethnic criticism for antisemitism.

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