Report. The 22-year-old from Savona operated a Telegram channel that he used to recruit right-wing extremists to carry out suicide missions.

Italy arrests ‘Black Sun’ terrorist who planned to kill women and Jews

He wanted to imitate Anders Breivik and Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the two right-wing extremists who in 2011 and 2019 committed massacres in Utoya, Norway, and Christchurch, New Zealand. What drove him was a white supremacist ideology fueled by a deep hatred of Jews and women, both considered subjects to be physically eliminated, and he dreamt of a violent revolution against “the state occupied by the Zionists.”

Andrea Cavalleri, 22, a native of Savona, wanted to turn these ravings into reality through the extreme right-wing group that he himself founded, the Nuovo ordine sociale (New Social Order), for which he spread propaganda on a Telegram channel called “Sole nero” (“Black Sun”), which was also used to recruit new followers.

His plans collapsed on Friday morning, when the police, in a mission coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office of Genoa, knocked on his door and arrested him. Also arrested was a minor, a friend and accomplice of the young man and his mad plans, while the homes of 12 other people were searched in Genoa, Turin, Cagliari, Forli, Cesena, Palermo, Perugia, Bologna and Cuneo.

What persuaded the investigators that the moment to act had finally arrived was probably the conviction that Cavalleri was now ready to make the leap, to go from theory to action and put into practice what he was preaching on the web. In intercepted conversations, the young man from Savona—who is now being charged with having constituted an organization with the purpose of terrorism and with propaganda and incitement to crimes for reasons of racial discrimination, aggravated by Holocaust denial—was urging others to commit extreme acts even at the cost of their own lives, pushing for “school shootings” or the “day of the rope” (the execution of so-called traitors).

“I’ll really commit a massacre. The only thing to do is to die fighting. I have the weapons. I will be Traini 2.0,” he promised in his conversations, in which he quoted Luca Traini, the man who shot up downtown Macerata in 2018, wounding six people. “Better to die with honor in a school shooting than to live a shit life.”

The other target about whom he obsessed was women. In the chats monitored by investigators, Cavalleri said he was part of the incel movement, for “involuntary celibates,” a group consisting of men who blame women for their romantic failures. “I want to do a mass killing at a feminist rally,” said Cavallero, according to investigators. “Jewish women and communists are our enemies. Modern women have no feelings, they’re meat puppets to be exterminated.” Also, “Jews are the first evil that must be eliminated. The Jews were born to destroy humanity.”

A questionnaire was being used to identify and select the people suitable for the New Social Order, inspired by the US supremacist group AtomWaffen Division and the Nazi Waffen-SS. There were around 30 questions that interested persons had to answer, including: “What do you think about Hitler and Mussolini?” “What is worth more, blood or money?” “What do you think about the Jews?”

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