United States. An NSA whistleblower believes the intelligence agency may be behind the Democratic email hacks.

‘Inside job’ conspiracies abound after leaks and FBI interference

The news that the FBI is opening a new case concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails has incited a national frenzy at the tail end of an electoral campaign that seems to have a new surprise every day. The fact that a news item of this magnitude is announced 10 days before the election has raised a thousand speculations about who might be the people really behind the scoop.

Taking a step back, in the past months there has been a barrage of revelations about the Democrats, all disclosed through email hacks against the party and its officials. Most of these revelations were disclosed by Clinton’s arch enemy, Julian Assange. One of the most authoritative voices who have spoken about all these revelations concerning the emails of the Democrats was Bill Binney.

Binney is an American analyst who, after spending 36 years working for the National Security Agency overseeing 6,000 employees, realized that he had helped to implement a mass control program at the expense of American citizens. He then decided to make it public by becoming a whistleblower. A few years before Edward Snowden, Binney had tried to object to George W. Bush’s mass surveillance programs and spoke publicly on occasions like the Hope hacker conference in New York, in a speech immortalized by Laura Poitras in the opening of her film Citizenfour.

Binney is one of the greatest cryptographers that the NSA has ever had; he was consulted several times about the Democrats’ hacked emails made public by WikiLeaks. On different occasions, he spoke of the email hack and presented a quite different analysis than the one presented by the U.S. government.

Binney has rejected the assurances that the evidence provided show IT tracks leading to blame the email theft on Russian hackers. According to Binney, the techniques used in these cases, as well as in the leaks relating to John Podesta, the manager of Hillary’s campaign, lead directly to the NSA — an inside job perpetrated by a branch of the spy agency itself.

According to Binney, the NSA has programs that can track down data packets as they leave the Democratic National Committee’s mailbox, and can follow their paths to the “inbox” of WikiLeaks. These statements were also fished out on this occasion to support the hypothesis that also in this case, we are facing another inside job, this time by a branch of the FBI that hasn’t given up investigating Clinton’s use of a private email server, as well as other rumors and speculations about the head of the FBI, saying that he is really working for Putin to discredit Clinton, just as WikiLeaks was assumed to.

At the moment, very little is known about the ongoing investigation of Anthony Weiner, but the abundance of conspiracy theories leave at least one thing certain: This is the worst campaign ever.

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