Report. France is on near total lockdown until May 3 as the situation reaches a critical point.

France is closed: The government has instituted a month of restrictions

An April of restrictions has been extended to all of France. The end of the tunnel will come in mid-May.

At 8 p.m. Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron spoke on TV, after days of controversy and tensions in the face of the resumption of pandemic and hospital alarms. Schools, which have remained open in France more than elsewhere, will have extended holidays due to the spring suspension. The country will no longer be divided into three zones, but all on vacation for three weeks beginning Friday, with high schools returning to a full school week.

On May 3 normalcy returns. Universities will continue one day a week for everyone. The self-certifications for travel within 10 km are eliminated.

For businesses, aid has been confirmed. The other front of the fight against Covid is the vaccine. Doses will arrive, Macron assures, the timeframe accelerating to allow everyone to access the vaccine by the summer. Thursday, the prime minister, Jean Castex, went to Parliament and the Senate to explain the government’s new strategy. There will be a non-binding vote.

The controversy has exploded in recent days, in the face of an increase in resuscitation hospitalizations. Presidential elections are in one year and Covid is the subject of the electoral campaign. Macron on Wednesday appealed to the “responsibility” of citizens.

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