Interview. Mohammad Abed Alkhalq Iskafi: ‘We did nothing at the hospital except treat the sick, and there is absolutely nothing to do with Hamas.’

Al-Shifa ER doctor: ‘Lies from Israel’s army’ that hospital is a Hamas base

Mohammed Abed Alkhalq Iskafi, director of the emergency room at Al -Shifa hospital in Gaza, answers the phone shortly after leaving the hospital.

Al-Shafa Hospital is being evacuated, although the Israeli army said it did not order it… controversial news as always.

The Israeli army invaded the hospital a few days ago and this morning (November 18) asked doctors and patients to evacuate the hospital within an hour. Initially, when they invaded the hospital there were around 650 patients, but this morning there were 150 patients, in addition to 30 newborns in incubators. Some patients have already evacuated the hospital, but there are still others, mainly newborns, in the hospital, and patients who are unable to move. Others are unconscious and need Red Cross assistance because they cannot move, and no one can take responsibility for them. It appears that Israel is organizing the evacuation with the Red Cross and some doctors are still in the hospital monitoring these cases. At the same time there are many dead, lifeless people in the hospital and no one can do anything for them. The Israeli soldiers must have taken 120 of them, but I don’t know where, I just know that they are all Palestinians.

The Israeli army asked to evacuate and go to southern Gaza, but the problem is that these patients would have to walk 25 kilometers. So, the situation of these patients and their families is terrible. Some of them will probably die along the way. And also, there is no food in the hospital. This is the situation.

Do you have support from the UN and non-governmental organizations in addition to the Red Cross?

People outside the hospital are walking. Those still in the hospital are waiting for support from the UN or international people or agencies to evacuate with special cars or other ways of transport, but we still have no news from them. So, we’re still waiting for news.

The Israeli army has tried to prove that the hospital is a Hamas base, but the evidence appears inconsistent and suggests it is a false…

We did nothing at the hospital except treat the sick, and there is absolutely nothing to do with Hamas. So, these are lies on the part of Israel’s army, but we can also expect more from Israel. They constructed a lie because Hamas never used the hospital as a base. We wait for what they want to see, or show, but we know that inside the hospital there is nothing that has to do with Hamas. The Israeli army is using the hospital as military propaganda.

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